Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yo Clint ZER0, where you been?!

Sorry readers, I've been a bit MIA on the blog updates. Trust it's not because I haven't been running around and going to shows, because I have. I've seen quite a few great artists in the past couple of weeks, to the tune of Apache Beat, Caveman (who are just AWESOME), and even a special performance by Nas! I've also gotten to see some great DJ sets, ranging from the Brooklyn band The Drums (whose selection of music is a bit out there, to say the least) all the way to straight up turntable veterans like Rich Medina.

Now you're probably thinking, why haven't you been writing about these awesome shows? Honestly because I wasn't really in coverage mode at most of these events, so I hate to review a show without paying attention fully to what's going on. I will do better for you guys, my readers, and my future readers! Coming up very soon is a review of a show I went to tonight, with performances from Pusha T and Ryan Leslie! Don't worry guys, Clint ZER0 is back!

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