Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jadakiss @ Apple Store Soho, June 14, 2011

Hey so guess what? I went and saw Jadakiss for FREE on Tuesday! Unbelievable. Apparently Apple is good for something. It has been brought to my attention that the Apple Store Soho has free in-store shows from time to time there. This month is Black Music Month so they've been showcasing hip-hop and R&B acts (last week they had Miguel performing). This particular Tuesday however belonged to the legit hip-hop fans, because Jadakiss was the featured artist and he ripped it with a short but sweet set in their performance space upstairs.

It's actually quite easy to go to one of the Apple Store Soho shows. All you have to do is go on the Apple Store Soho's website and look up the schedule for upcoming artists. The wristbands to go to the show are available usually by the day before, so you can just stop in and get one, then show up to the show at the specific time (usually 7pm) and prepare to rock out. You're welcome.

We all filed upstairs after waiting on the line downstairs for a bit. After we got upstairs and waited some more out came Jadakiss, one of the greatest and most underrated rappers in rap history. He's promoting his new album Top 5 - Dead Or Alive, but he did a bunch of tracks off of his all ready released mixtape I Love You: A Dedication to My Fans. His first track was Hold You Down, featuring Emanny, who was in the house providing the vocals for the chorus. Jada went into a mini lady's segment, going straight from that to "How I Feel," but then reminiscing of friends past with "In These Streets."

The whole time I was heading to the Soho store I was wondering whether Jada's usual partner in crime Styles P would be in attendance. He was. He came out to a rousing response and was joined by Chynk Show, as they really started things up with "Lay 'Em Down." They went line for line as they've now become famous for, with Chynk rapping the chorus. Jada had another one of his friends in the back, Fred The Godson. Fred joined the two former Lox members on stage and they performed "Toast To That". Don't worry Jada fans, Jada did manage to squeeze in his club banger "Who's Real," and even found time for him and Styles to do their most famous duet, "We Gon' Make It," which from the intro of the song came quite close to tearing the roof off of the Apple store!

Jadakiss is not a very over hyped guy while on stage, but he commands a stage with a sort of quiet presence, and his delivery of lyrics is impeccable. He finished his set by doing a song acapella, something the lay person would call a 'freestyle', it definitely wasn't that, but it was still amazing. Jadakiss has still got it, even after 2 decades in the business, and I'm looking forward to hearing the tracks on that new album. All true hip-hop fans should run out and get it when it drops.

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