Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jasmine Solano's "Turn It Up" Music Video Screening @ Red Bull Space, May 23, 2011

The multitalented Jasmine Solano was the woman of the hour last night at the Red Bull Space, where she premiered her new music video and song called "Turn It Up," featuring rapper Hollywood Holt. The event was a great one but really almost didn't even happen for me. I'm not sure who the people were in charge of putting this thing on but they should probably not be in charge of any more parties. Here's why...

The RSVP situation seemed easy enough, send an email and get a confirmation back. It wasn't until you got to the Red Bull Space that you were alerted to the fact that there was apparently a "general admission" list and VIPs list. This isn't the first event I've gone to that's had both, but every other event with the exception of last night's specified that there were different lists, with ways for you to get VIP or media passes. The people running the list were apparently only allowed to let in VIPs first, so they had a line of about 50 people standing outside waiting to get in, while people would just walk up to them from off the street and walk right in because they were VIP. The funny thing was a bunch of those people weren't even on the list, they arrived with a text message they got from a friend and got right in. The list situation was so stupid that a photographer who was supposed to be on the press list was standing outside for a while waiting to get in. For whatever reason, they finally let me and my friend in, but I don't think they let anyone in that was standing behind us! We get inside, and of course the place isn't anywhere near capacity. This is important because one of the girls running the list outside said they can't let any general admission people in until all the VIPs are in, and they have a lot coming, allegedly. They also said that there would be a "couple hours wait" before they let in general admission. How stupid is that? By the time she said this it was after 9:30PM, which is funny because the event was supposed to start at 9pm and they didn't even open the doors until about ten minutes after that. Also, the event was suppose to end at midnight, so if you have people standing outside for a couple hours that would mean the event would be over by the time you let them in. Ridiculously disorganized planning on their part. If there's a situation where there are a ton of "VIPs" why not just have an event for them instead of letting anyone RSVP to possibly go to the event? Just make it a closed event to the public and everything will be fine. Even at the end of the night there were probably 70 people inside at the most, which sucks because the capacity of the Red Bull Space is about 175 (according to the limits posted on the wall); this means they more than likely didn't let anyone else in but us that was waiting on the line. Now let's actually discuss the goings on inside...

Mixing things up from the beginning was DJ Fresh Direct, getting people in the party mood with a very hip-hop oriented set. The event was sponsored by a new type of Hpnotiq called Harmonie (those guys are clearly excellent spellers) so every cocktail on the drinks list had to have the sweet liquer in it, and they were actually pretty good. After some tunes and dancing the patrons who actually made it inside were told to direct their attention to the back wall, where they had her new music video on the projector. The video for the song "Turn It Up" is a fun party vibe kind of video, which is basically what you would expect after hearing the song. Jasmine and Hollywood have a great on screen chemistry (as well as on stage, as I found out soon after) in the shots where they're together, and Jasmine herself is an NYC party institution, so you would expect nothing but good things from her. After the video finished the hosts of the night took the stage to introduce Hollywood and Jasmine, so they could perform the song. They did a good job, really as best they could with such horrible sounding microphones. I've seen shows at the Red Bull Space before and the sound is always great, so I really have no idea why the mics were so terrible last night. After their duet, Jasmine did her hit song "That's Not It," much to the liking of her fans and friends that were in attendance.

I thought that when she was finished that she would go into a DJ set, but surprisingly she didn't. Instead, her fellow rapper Hollywood jumped on the turntables instead, and really rocked the party. His song selection wasn't nearly as good as Fresh Direct, but the songs were probably more fun to dance to, he even played some old school dancehall reggae! It was great to see Jasmine partying as well, just hanging out with everyone and dancing and having a good time. There were a ton of musicians in attendance to see Ms. Solano's new video: NY club and party goddess Roxy Cottontail, singer Shivonne, Trouble Andrew (of the Trouble Gang) and the guys from Ninjasonik. It was, after everything, a great and very fun event but I just wish that everyone who was on line made it inside (I had a few friends behind me who didn't get in) because there was really no reason why they couldn't be there. It wasn't as poorly organized as a GBH event, but it definitely should have been done much better. Shoutout to Jasmine Solano though, because I'm sure the whole list situation had nothing to do with her.

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