Friday, May 13, 2011

Wish Video and Playback Session @ Samsung Experience, May 12, 2011

Thursdays in New York City are always crazy; overflowing with things to do. Leading up to yesterday I had my mind set on going to a screening for a film called Skateland, then reviewing it today (which is usually the case for advanced screenings) but I got a last minute change of plans from my boys from My Free Concert. They put up an invite to the music video release party for a new Jive artist by the name of Wish, so I thought, instead of going to see a movie, I will go to this music event and do some coverage for my readers. Why not?

The event took place at the Samsung Experience inside the Time Warner Center, which is just a plethora of Samsung inventions, from tablets to HD tvs and computers. Samsung has been on a roll this year, having thrown quite possibly the best party for the year so far, a viewing party for the Final Four that took place at two separate bars. Last night's event was to a smaller scale, but still awesome. Drinks were by Belvedere with mixes inspired by the artist of the night - one of the drinks was called the "Suga Daddy," after the song she does by the same name.

DJ Goldfinger was mixing the tracks, then turned the music down so we could watch the premiere of her new music video, "Feel Ur Beat." The video itself is fun, lots of party scenes and some choreographed dancing, but it's the song really that stands out for me the most. It's basically a rap song, with a bit of a Nicki Minaj feel to it, only delivery wise, not lyrically. This is important to keep in mind, because after the video Wish came out to do a quick 3 song set, here's how it went:

The first song she did was the first music video they showed when we arrived, "Sugar Daddy." It has a bit of a  1960s feel to it, and Wish shows off her singing skills on it. She has quite a strong and beautiful voice, which was in full display for the second song she did, a cover of the song "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri. A beautiful break up song that was pretty much completely different from the upbeat and bouncy "Sugar Daddy" track. Her last song was the song of the night, "Feel Ur Beat," which as I mentioned before is a rap song. The three songs were completely different, and did a great job of showing off her versatility. I think that her music is an off-shoot of her persona, which is why I wouldn't want to call her style anything like Lady Gaga. I think with Gaga her music is pretty much pop music, very basic when you consider the great lengths she goes to to look different. Wish has a very unique look too, but her songs are all over the place as well, and she's said herself she doesn't want her music to be put in a box, or in a genre. She just makes what she likes so really it could be anything, and I think she demonstrated that last night. I think she has a great look and a very fun sound, that if marketed right could be the next big thing in music, but for some reason I think Jive Records knows what they're doing, so I'm to say it's only a matter of time!

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