Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Music Teaser Tuesdays w/ My Arcadia; April 26, 2011

So get this: it has been brought to my attention that Diesel, the clothing store that specializes in - clothes, has a monthly concert series called Music Teaser Tuesdays. It's called that because it's the last Tuesday of every month, and it's a teaser because the bands that they have on display only do a small set (My Arcadia did a 5 song set). So here's the lowdown:

Yesterday I went to the Diesel store on 5th Ave. and 54th St, which is where the festivities happen. Things kick off at 6pm with the artists usually taking the "stage" at 6:30pm; the stage of course being the shoe section, on the third floor. The event is sponsored by Ty-Ku, which is a green colored liquer that I really to this day have no idea what it tastes like, but they give it away for free with some assorted beers so I'm sure you won't really care too much. On to the show:

My Arcadia took to the stage area with conviction, making a power walk from the back of the crowd up to the front and grabbed their spots. The band consists of two guitarists, one bass player, one drummer and their lead singer, who made it clear that this was the first time she'd ever performed in a dress, and if we got a glimpse of her ass, well that would be considered an added bonus. My Arcadia has a great sound though, reminded me right off the bat of Evanescence, and not just because they are a rock band with a female lead singer. Their lead singer, Jacqui Sandell, has a great voice; one that carries and hits hard, especially backed by some hard rock riffs. Let me just say that a lot of these shows have artists singing their hearts out without earpieces in, so they have nothing to go by besides the speakers to know whether they're hitting their notes. All of their five songs were all great, and their finisher, "My Pioneer," was the only of the five songs that had a nice drawn out guitar solo, which as we should know by now I'm a big fan of. My Arcadia are a very talented band with great things in their future, because real talent speaks volumes, and these guys are legit.

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