Friday, August 5, 2011

Thursday Night Live w/ Julia Haltigan @ John Varvatos, August 4, 2011

John Varvatos does it again! Thursday Night Live was last night and honestly, if you haven’t been to John Varvatos Bowery for their monthly Thursday events you really need to fix that…

Last night had another great act (that I’ve never heard of prior to the performance) perform, by the name of Julia Haltigan, backed by her band The Hooligans. It was for her, her EP release party, having released “My Green Heart” to the world of music lovers this week. Now as I mentioned before, this was the first time I’d ever heard of Julia Haltigan, so it was clearly the first time I’d ever heard her sing. The great thing about John Varvatos’ monthly parties is that for the most part, a lot of the acts aren’t very well known, so it lets these performers get a chance to shine in the #1 market in the world. The other great thing about Thursday Night Live, is the fact that every act they have billed is good, and happen to be legit musicians. Ms. Haltigan was no different.

She has a very powerful voice, as you learned from the first few notes she sang when the show was underway. She opened with her song “I Smell A Rat,” and right off the bat you knew that you were in for a world of blues. She has a sound kind of like Grace Potter, that sultry Stevie Nix-like folk blues voice, and she also plays the guitar. They did a splendid 10 song set, and even found time to throw in a few tracks from their new EP, including one of my favorites, the title track “My Green Heart.” My favorite song for the night is also on their new EP, by the name of “The Flame,” a slower ballad about a chance encounter with a particular guy.

Her songs don’t tug at the heart strings as much as they hit on your eardrums. The sounds coming out of the speakers last night were captivating, and her voice rode the music so wonderfully you couldn’t help but listen. I say check out their new EP “My Green Heart,” and for more information on Julia Haltigan take a gander at her website:

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