Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Favorite Events/Parties from 2010!

Man 2010 sure was a good year for top ranking parties and events. There was a huge debate, but here is my list for my favorite events for the year that was:

Top 5 Events/Parties

5) Fashion's Night Out, All over Soho, NYC
- Open Bar? You Bet. All kinds of stuff! Too much to name really, but my favorite was Star Vodka, the best vodka I've ever had in my life.
- What's the haps? Fashion's Night Out is apparently a way for people to get really good deals on clothing, but there is really very little shopping going on. For the most part, a lot of industry folk go from store to store and drink all the free booze and eat the free food the stores have, not unlike myself. I was of course in Soho, which has the highest concentration of stores participating in the wild night. By the time 10pm rolled around (the festivities start during the day) I was running through the middle of streets, dancing and high fiving police officers. They really should have called this Spring Break.

4) Thrillist 5-Year Anniversary Party, Le Poisson Rouge
- Open Bar? You know it. Jose Cuervo and Bacardi Breezers, some sort of Vodka. A bunch of stuff really.
- What's the haps? I won a VIP invite to the Thrillist 5-year Anniversary Party, which was sponsored by a whole bunch of people, including Phillips Norelco, who gave us contest winners their new Electric razor, the Sensotouch 3D (which of course runs for $200 or so). Tack on the great performance from Atomic Tom and you have an amazing event. Needless to say, I stumbled out of there a drunken hot mess. It was still awesome though.

3) Yelp Country Club, Randall's Island Golf Center
- Open Bar? Free drinks galore: Whisky, beer, cider. Free food galore: Luke's Lobster, The Taco Truck, Led Zeppole, Smorgas Chef, Qdoba and way more!
- What's the haps? As a Yelp Elite, I get to go to all these really awesome Elite events, complete with free food and free drinks (thanks Peter D. and Jane!). In June Yelp topped all other events for the year by throwing this huge event at the Randall's Island Golf Center. Lots of booths with free food and drinks from different vendors and restaurants, and you could even play games like Bocce Ball or Mini Golf or hit the driving range like a pro. Impressive day indeed, even for someone who sucks at golf, like myself.

2) Heineken Encore NYC, Pier 36
- Open Bar? Yes sir! Free Heineken like crazy, as well as lots of free food.
- What's the haps? This may have been the best event for the year, but the number 1 definitely beat it. In any other year this would be tops for sure. Nas, Cee-Lo and J-Cole live, free Heineken and free food, in a huge space that was all done up just for this show. There was even a sound studio, so if you felt so inclined you could lay down a track and jam out to one of their beats. This was a perfect ending to a very beautiful day indeed.

1) VH1 Save The Music - The Ultimate Face-Lift, Lord & Taylor's
- Open Bar? Hell yea! More than you could possibly drink, almost every floor had it's own free drinks and different themes, ex: Cognac on the 10th floor, Chocolate Martinis on the 9th floor. Utter insanity!
- What's the haps? This was, without question, the best event for 2010, no comparison, hands down. This may have been, the best party I've been to in my life! As I said before, the majority of the floors had different food and free booze. They had fortune tellers on one floor, aerial dancers on another, and even sketch artists drawing pictures of patrons. DJs galore: Finger on the Pulse, Sky Nellor, Lexey, and even Andrew W.K.! On top of alllll of this craziness, they give you a key (or a bunch of keys, in my case) that you can use to open one of several boxes on various floors. Each box had a different prize: free guitar, concert tickets, all kinds of stuff.   The best part of this whole ordeal, was the fact that I couldn't beg anyone to go with me! Thank God for Facebook or else no one would even believe that this actually happened. Yeap, best party of the year.

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