Friday, December 3, 2010

AWOLNATION: The Show That Never Was

So I sat for a few days wondering whether I would blog about NOT going to a show, but I think I owe it to my friends to at least make them aware of GBH, some sort of "promotion" company that is now on my shit list. I figure I write about going to cool shows, I might as well talk about not getting to go to one right? It's only fair:

So for the better part of the last month, I've been patiently awaiting the live performance by band AWOLNATION at Santos Party House, which took place this past Tuesday. The event was completely free (I think) and all you had to do was RSVP through, which apparently does promotions for shows and parties. They're pretty big it would appear as well, judging from their website. Either way, I couldn't see this show being even a slight problem, after all, it's a rock show and Santos Party House, a great place to see live music.

Either way, on the day of the show I arrive right before it was supposed to start, even before they bouncers got there to put out the barricade. Like I said, I was REALLY excited to see these guys live. The bouncers show up, barricades come out, line forms, and it's time to let people in. Now I'm in the front of the line and the prick who has the list (that he isn't even looking at) asks me what listen I'm on, I say GBH, he responds by saying he's not letting in guys right now! To a concert? Mind you, I was at the front of the line with another guy I've seen out at events before. So the bouncer then tells us to get off the line. We move asside, then he lets in the next 2 girls that were behind us, and the next 10 guys who were behind them. I mean, it's a rock concert, there's probably gonna be more guys than girls.

I of course enquire as to why I'm not being let in, and he says I'm not dressed right. For a CONCERT?! Mind you I was wearing jeans and sneakers, which of course, is what everyone else was wearing, you know, to go to the CONCERT! They of course let in almost everyone else, he probably took 2 guys off the line but I couldn't really make out why, sort of like, how I couldn't figure out why I wasn't allowed to be a part of this show. I still, up to now, have no idea. I told the prick that everyone is wearing the same thing as me, and he responded by telling me that he gets to be selective...HMMMM...As you could imagine, I was EXTREMELY upset. I mean, it's one this to not get into a show for a reason, but for NO reason? It makes no sense, on top of that, I would have gladly bought tickets to go to the show, because, I really wanted to see AWOLNATION, but that didn't happen either, so I just left. Angry. So angry infact, that I wrote this blog to tell other people not to support the pricks at I even wrote on AWOLNATION's Facebook wall and told them the same thing, never work with these guys. I now have to be on the lookout to make sure I'm not supporting them because they do promote a lot of shows in NYC, but I don't care, they don't run this place, I've never been to any of their shows prior to attempting to go out on Tuesday, so I will live without them. You can to. Down with GBH!

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